Fortuna Rendez-vous

Fortuna Rendez-vous

100% Arabica

The taste that
pampers you

Available in 100g, 250g and 500g packs

Our pampering Rendez-vous blend stimulates the senses with the perfect balance between sweet and fruity notes. Created from a mixture of 100% Arabica noble varieties and roasted to perfection to release all of its flavors, it is a coffee with a slightly acidic citrus taste and a cocoa powder-like consistency. Rendez-vous redefines the pleasure of enjoying a coffee!

Fortuna Rendez-vous

How to prepare


Bring 140 ml of water to boil (one serving), then remove from the heat and mix with two teaspoons of coffee. Leave covered for up to 7 minutes to infuse, then pour into the cup slowly to avoid the grounds.


The coffee filter produces a clearer and lesser bodied coffee than the kettle. Here you have to add a little more coffee to taste. If you keep it on the heated plate for a longer time, the coffee acquires a caramel taste.


For espresso, the best extraction is done when the coffee has a fine grain. The espresso method will highlight the acidity of the arabica varieties and an enhanced fruity-floral aroma.

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With Cafea Fortuna, you always know what you get With Cafea Fortuna, you always know what you get

With Cafea Fortuna, you always know what you get

Each Fortuna coffee is the product of a long process of selection and tasting of coffee varieties from around the world. That’s how we manage to give you the same taste every time in every cup.

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